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ereavement comes in many forms: the death of a child, a parent, a sibling, a friend. Although this blog was started after the death of my husband and is clearly written from my perspective as the partner left behind, I always welcome comments and stories from anyone who has suffered loss.

Not everyone wants to start a blog, to regularly or publically post their journey through grief, but my experience of running the Planet Grief website since 2011, is that many people feel a strong need to write about their experience of loss and grieving.

I have created this space on Planet Grief for you to share your story, your thoughts and your journey, anonymously should you so wish. As long as your words are not offensive, I will create a blog ‘post’ from your words, on your behalf, and publish them here. It may help your healing; it will definitely help others.

Don’t worry about your spelling, your grammar or what other people will think. Don’t be afraid of the white screen, the blank page. Just write from your heart, as if I am sitting opposite you, both of us with a mug of tea in our hands, and you are telling me a story. Your story of your journey to and on Planet Grief.

Submissions are no longer accepted.

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