Just Keep Breathing – Gary & Louise

Whatever our route to Planet Grief, however our loved ones died and whatever our personal circumstances, there are common threads that bind our experience of grief together. However, there is something deeply personal (and dare I say comforting?) reading about the experiences of someone who has lost their loved one in the same manner you did. It seems wrong to take comfort from the misfortune of others, it goes against the grain of decency, but in grief, we do.

I have written before of how being put in touch with Sophie Day whose husband drowned on holiday whilst she was with him, was a turning point in my grieving and healing. This is one of the reasons I add new blogs to my Planet Grief site; I always hope to introduce one new reader to a blog that deeply resonates with them in a way that my writing can’t. There is room for us all, on screen and in print.

Today, I have added Just Keep Breathing to Planet Grief’s blogroll. Just Keep Breathing is Gary’s journey through grief at losing his wife, Louise, to suicide at the age of forty. To see Louise’s face in his blog’s header – so full of light and energy and beauty – is heartbreaking. I found myself sitting at my computer and looking at the face of a woman I never knew asking her out loud, “Oh Louise, why? Why, my lovely?”

Thank you Gary for allowing us to follow your story.

Just Keep Breathing can be found on my blog-roll sidebar or click here Just Keep Breathing.


Julia Bryson
Reply August 22, 2015

Hi there, I have just found your blog through the WAY site and wanted to say hello. I also write a blog and have written a lot lately about the loss of my husband, Roger, who passed away last month. I look forward to reading more on your site. Thanks, Julia x

Planet Grief
Reply August 24, 2015

Julia. Thank you for bringing your blog to my attention. You probably hate the phrase that is about to follow as much as I do, so grit you teeth when I say (with meaning, not just trotted out), I'm so sorry for your loss. Really, I am.

I'm in the process of changing the website/blog to be a little more user friendly. When it was set up I had no thought of pretty pictures of fabulous fonts, but now I do. Anyway, the upshot of all this is that when the new site is live (in the next couple of weeks) I will include your blog (another writer!) on the blog roll.

Keep in touch. xxx