On My Bookshelf: Sweets by Sylvia van Ommen

Is there a heaven?

Do they have sweets there?

This is the story told in a charming book by Sylvia van Ommen I recently bought from the bookshop at The Tate Modern in London.

Two friends, Oscar (a cat), and Joris (a rabbit), arrange to meet each other by text in a park to eat sweets and drink coffee. Whilst sitting under a tree, they begin to wonder if heaven exists.

“But what if it is so big you never bump in to anybody?”

“Or so crowded that we never find each other?”

“Will there be sweets up there?”

This small and delightful picture book tackles friendship and the questions so many of us ask about life after death in a simple, uplifting and charming way. It is aimed at children aged 4 and over, but I think children and adults alike would love to read it.

More on Sylvia van Ommen’s work can be found here: http://www.fruitcocktail.org/sylvia/home.html