David’s story

This weekend is 5 years for me and the rabble… bizarre? Yes, that is apposite.
There have been ups and downs of which the majority seem to stem from bereavement in one way or another but on the whole, the big picture as you say, is coming together.
Advice for new widows/widowers is out there and this blog is a treasure trove of such but it’s never appreciated or understood until it’s usefulness is past. That’s the secondary tragedy. Those who need the help, the gentle hand, the quiet ear, just can’t quite believe what we have to say. It’s only with time that most allow themselves to heal and to hear through the jabbering and screaming banshees to perceive the quieter and calmer place we “lucky” ones inhabit.
There will always be tears. Quiet moments. Anger. We just learn to deal with them better each time. We build, not armour or walls to keep it all out, but our lives – to live again, to breathe again.



Reply November 11, 2015

I am still in a dark place@ 6 mos. Doing many activities which help for short periods of time. Otherwise very sad and lonely. Just a battle to overcome pain of grief.